Thursday, August 23, 2018

Well about this blog

Good Morning to you all, Mrs Hudson here for another delve into Erin the cat princess' vault of long past blogs. 

This week I am sharing Erin's second post and her endeavouring to look for somewhere safe to sleep! Of course this is all way before my time as housekeeper so any references to dust, stray socks and whatnot should not be associated with the palace as now is. You certainly wont find any dust bunnies under our beds (they have all been moved to under the large sofa in the main lounge!).

Without further ado, I bring you:-

Well about this blog......

  Well about this blog, I really must get on and make a start..... though talking of starts, I do think things need to be right when you move to a new home. Yep do it right from day one and you wont have regrets later. So, when I was shown my new home, I realised that things in the sleeping quarters really weren't up to scratch and needed sorting, pronto!

   It's fair to say I can sleep nearly anywhere, and have done on the streets, but I draw the line at home at having a saggy mattress and low frame (no matter how scratchable the latter!).

   Now that old bed frame was so low I couldn't chase a mouse under it, let alone swing one! Mind you I'm not saying I'm a swinger, No Sir, mama raised me better than to play with my food, sorry guests, its just a girl has to have a little elbow room for entertaining.

  And then there were the pens, odd socks & knickers under there too. Those just cant be allowed to go free range and fend for themselves, they need locking away for sure. At this point I would like to observe that knickers are clearly another case for Miss Description to sort, when she shows up, as they don't sound like any horse I've ever heard! Having said that I haven't heard a horse, but I'm sure it sounds nothing like an Elastane/cotton mix!

  All in all the underside of this bed was hazardous to feline safety, my mousing practice and most worryingly, was not conducive to a good nights napping!
   Now the way I figured it, if I could get peep to get rid of the bed and frame, the socks and knickers would have nowhere to lurk and would have to move else where, and thus my job would be done. But how to do it? Hmm.... not an easy one I can tell you, especially when you're the new girl in town and don't want to rock the boat/bed as it were, but do want to sink it! That's the boat not the bed, if you know what I mean.

   As these things do, the answer came to me one evening mid nap, after a delightful cream mousse, Eureka! I said, Mousses! its mousses I need! Actually on thinking about it, mousses were exactly what I didn't need, being messy and lacking any sort of agility, though they are very, very tasty. No, Mousses were off that menu. No, what my dream actually meant was I needed was mouses! In fact a succession of mouses, one to visit each night! Yep I had a plan for sure.

   Setting things in motion that evening, I managed to persuade the mousses, sorry mouses, to visit the bedroom between 2am and 3am for a game of tag. Well, on the first night peep was mildly amused and not really put out by my enthusiasm for the mouse chase. However by week two of this nightly cavort around the bedroom over the bed and in the bathtub, the peep was not happy, not happy at all I can tell you. Yep, in fact the peep was stressed, tired & put out by all the the whole mouses thing I had developed, "this wasn't what I signed up for..." was muttered more than once I can tell you, and I truly thought I might be evicted!

   Worse of all was the fact the peep wasn't able to resolve the issue of the mouses, which kept hiding out of reach under the a bed frame far too heavy to move, and secure and unseen in the free range socks and knickers. Despite putting down humane mouses traps things just weren't getting better for the old peep. Worst of all, I still hadn't my new bed!

   Now never under estimate the power of a few sleepless nights and a fussy feline and a few mouses, but I have to admit, I did start to waiver in my resolve, and I was starting to feel bad about it all. Had I been too fussy? too optimistic about my peeps ability to change? No, I told myself it was for their own good and they would thank me one day, yep for sure. Well I soldiered on, and after 1 more night of mouses mania and a banged head to boot, trying to get under bed, the next thing I know the Bed, mattress frame and all had gone, and a new frame (on long legs) with a lovely soft warm mattress was installed!

What of the socks and knickers, I hear you ask? Well they, minus some nesting mouses, got washed and put away. Victory for common sense, homely comforts and mousing was, I thought, mine!

   Alas, this new bed is now so comfy, and peep now has such a good nights sleep, that I'm not being feed on time! In fact the peep is getting up later each day!  So I suppose the moral to this is, be careful what you ask for, whether it be mattresses, mousses or mouses (or all three) as you just might miss out on a meal!

The End

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